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Ants Problem:
Keep the pare of cucumbers almost the house or emmet hole.

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To conk pure too construct clean ice:
Boil H2O starting fourth dimension earlier freezing.

health tips
To brand the mirror shine:
Clean alongside spirit

health tips
To take chewing mucilage from clothes:
Keep the stuff inwards the freezer for an hour.

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To whiten white clothes
Soak white clothe inwards hot H2O alongside a piece of lemon for 10 minutes 10.

health tips
To give a smoothen to hair:
Add 1 teaspoon of vinegar to pilus , too thus launder hair.

health tips
To conk maximum juice out of lemons:
Soak lemons inwards hot H2O for 1 hr , too and thus juice them.

health tips
To avoid scent of cabbage spell cooking:
Keep a piece of breadstuff on the cabbage inwards the vessel spell cooking.

health tips
To rid the scent of fish from your hands:
Wash your hands alongside a trivial apple tree vinegar.

health tips
To avoid tears spell cutting onions:
Chew gum.

health tips
To boil potatoes quickly:
Skin 1 spud from 1 side alone earlier boiling.

health tips
To boil eggs quickly:
Add common salt to the H2O too boil.

To take ink from clothes:
Put toothpaste on the ink spots generously too permit it dry out completely , too thus wash.

health tips
To pare sweetness potatoes quickly:
Soak inwards mutual depression temperature H2O at nowadays afterward boiling.

health tips
To conk rid of mice or rats:
Sprinkle dark pepper inwards places where you lot abide by mice or rats. They volition piece of occupation away.