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Dr.Devi Shetty , Narayana Hrudayalaya
(Heart Specialist) Bangalore

H5N1 chat with Dr.Devi Shetty , Narayana Hrudayalaya
(Heart Specialist) Bangalore was arranged past times WIPRO for its employees .
The transcript of the chat is given below. Useful for everyone.

Qn: What are the pollex rules for a layman to accept attention of his heart?

1. Diet - Less of saccharide , to a greater extent than of poly peptide , less oil
2. Exercise - Half an hour's walk , at to the lowest degree 5 days a week; avoid lifts too avoid sitting for a longtime
3. Quit smoking
4. Control weight
5. Control blood pressure level too sugar

Qn: Is eating non-veg nutrient (fish) proficient for the heart?

Ans: No

n: It's however a grave daze to listen that around plainly good for you lot person
gets a cardiac arrest. How create nosotros empathize it inwards perspective?

Ans: This is called still attack; that is why nosotros recommend everyone past times the historic stream of thirty to undergo routine wellness checkups.

Qn: Are pump diseases hereditary?

Ans: Yes

Qn: What are the ways inwards which the pump is stressed? What practices create you lot advise to de-stress?

Ans: Change your mental attitude towards life. Do non expect for perfection inwards everything inwards life.

Qn: Is walking amend than jogging or is to a greater extent than intensive exercise required to take away house a good for you lot heart?

Ans: Walking is amend than jogging since jogging leads to early on fatigue too injury to joints

Qn: Can people with depression blood pressure level endure pump diseases?

Ans: Extremely rare

Qn: Does cholesterol accumulates correct from an early on age
(I'm currently solely 22) or create you lot take away maintain to worry almost it solely subsequently you lot are higher upward thirty years of age?

Ans: Cholesterol accumulates from childhood.

Qn: How create irregular eating habits deport upon the pump ?

Ans: You tend to swallow junk nutrient when the habits are irregular too your body's enzyme unloosen for digestion gets confused.

Qn: How tin I command cholesterol content without using medicines?

Ans: Control diet , walk too swallow walnut.

Qn: Can yoga forestall pump ailments?

Ans: Yoga helps. (I add together this - Tahajjud is better)

Qn: Which is the best too worst nutrient for the heart?

Ans: Fruits too vegetables are the best too the worst is oil.

Qn: Which crude oil is amend - groundnut , sunflower , olive?

Ans: All oils are bad .

Qn: What is the routine checkup 1 should larn through? Is in that place whatever specific test?

Ans: Routine blood exam to ensure refined saccharify , cholesterol is ok. Check BP , Treadmill exam subsequently an echo.

Qn: What are the offset assist steps to live on taken on a pump attack?

Ans: Help the individual into a sleeping seat , house an aspirin tablet nether the natural language with a sorbitrate tablet if available , too rush him to a coronary attention unit of measurement since the maximum casualty takes house inside the offset hour.

Qn: How create you lot differentiate betwixt hurting caused past times a pump ready on too that caused due to gastric trouble?

Ans: Extremely hard without ECG.

Qn: What is the master copy movement of a steep increment inwards pump problems with youngsters? I encounter people of almost 30-40 yrs of historic stream having pump attacks too serious pump problems.

Ans: Increased awareness has increased incidents. Also , sedentary lifestyles , smoking , junk nutrient , lack of exercise inwards a province where people are genetically 3 times to a greater extent than vulnerable for pump attacks than Europeans too Americans.

Qn: Is it possible for a individual to take away maintain BP exterior the normal make of 120/80 too yet live on perfectly healthy?

Ans: Yes.

Qn: Marriages inside closed relatives tin Pb to pump problems for the child. Is it true?

Ans : Yes , co-sanguinity leads to congenital abnormalities too you lot may non take away maintain a software engineer every bit a child

Qn: Many of us take away maintain an irregular daily routine too many a times nosotros take away maintain to remain belatedly nights inwards office. Does this deport upon our pump ? What precautions would you lot recommend?

Ans : When you lot are immature , nature protects you lot against all these irregularities. However , every bit you lot grow older , observe the biological clock.

Qn: Will taking anti-hypertensive drugs movement around other complications (short / long term)?

Ans : Yes , most drugs take away maintain around side effects. However , modern anti-hypertensive drugs are extremely safe.

Qn: Will consuming to a greater extent than coffee/tea Pb to pump attacks?

Ans : No.

Qn: Are asthma patients to a greater extent than prone to pump disease?

Ans : No.

Qn: How would you lot define junk food?

Ans : Fried nutrient similar Kentucky , McDonalds , samosas , too fifty-fifty masala dosas.

Qn: You mentioned that Indians are 3 times to a greater extent than vulnerable. What is the argue for this , every bit Europeans too Americans every bit good swallow a lot of junk food?

Ans: Every race is vulnerable to around affliction too unfortunately , Indians are vulnerable for the most expensive disease.

Qn: Does consuming bananas aid cut down hypertension?

Ans : No.

Qn: Can a individual aid himself during a pump ready on (Because nosotros encounter a lot of forwarded emails on this)?

Ans : Yes. Lie downwards comfortably too position an aspirin tablet of whatever description nether the natural language too inquire someone to accept you lot to the nearest coronary attention unit of measurement without whatever delay too create non hold off for the ambulance since most of the fourth dimension , the ambulance does non plough up.

Qn: Do , inwards whatever means , depression white blood cells too depression hemoglobin count Pb to pump problems?

Ans : No. But it is ideal to take away maintain normal hemoglobin score to increment your exercise capacity.

Qn: Sometimes , due to the hectic schedule nosotros are non able to exercise. So , does walking piece doing daily chores at habitation or climbing the stairs inwards the household , travel every bit a substitute for exercise?

Ans : Certainly. Avoid sitting continuously for to a greater extent than than one-half an sixty minutes too fifty-fifty the deed of getting out of the chair too going to around other chair too sitting helps a lot.

Qn: Is in that place a relation betwixt pump problems too blood sugar?

Ans: Yes. H5N1 rigid human relationship since diabetics are to a greater extent than vulnerable to pump attacks than non-diabetics.

Qn: What are the things 1 needs to accept attention of subsequently a pump operation?

Ans : Diet , exercise , drugs on fourth dimension , Control cholesterol , BP , weight.

Qn: Are people working on nighttime shifts to a greater extent than vulnerable to pump affliction when compared to 24-hour interval shift workers?

Ans : No.

Qn: What are the modern anti-hypertensive drugs?

Ans : There are hundreds of drugs too your MD volition chose the correct combination for your employment , simply my proposition is to avoid the drugs too larn for natural ways of controlling blood pressure level past times walk , diet to
cut down weight too changing attitudes towards lifestyles.

Qn: Does dispirin or similar headache pills increment the run a jeopardy of pump attacks?

Ans : No.

Qn: Why is the charge per unit of measurement of pump attacks to a greater extent than inwards men than inwards women?

Ans : Nature protects women till the historic stream of 45. (Present Global census demo that the Percentage of pump affliction inwards women has increased than inwards men )
 Qn: How tin 1 take away house the pump inwards a proficient condition?

Ans : Eat a good for you lot diet , avoid junk nutrient , exercise everyday , create non smoke too , larn for wellness checkup sec if you lot are past times the historic stream of thirty ( 1 time inwards half-dozen months recommended) ....
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Hello Loves Health | Since many people are lonely when they endure a middle assail , without assistance ,the soul whose middle is beating improperly together with who begins to experience faint , has solely close ten seconds left earlier losing consciousness.

However , these victims tin assistance themselves past times coughing repeatedly together with really vigorously. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 deep breath should hold upward taken earlier each coughing , together with the coughing must hold upward deep together with prolonged , every bit when producing sputum from deep within the chest.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 breath together with a coughing must hold upward repeated close every 2 seconds without let-up until assistance arrives , or until the middle is felt to hold upward beating usually again.

Deep breaths teach oxygen into the lungs together with coughing movements mash the middle together with croak along the blood circulating. The squeezing pressure level on the middle too helps it find normal rhythm. In this manner , middle assail victims tin teach to a hospital. Tell every bit many other people every bit possible close this. It could relieve their lives!!

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 cardiologist says If everyone who gets this postal service sends it to ten people , yous tin bet that we'll relieve at to the lowest degree ane life.

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Take note...don't always sleep late!!!!!!!

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Good residual in addition to audio slumber is real important... if u don't slumber good ,
The toxins inwards your trunk volition accumulate... Affecting your wellness in addition to your mood...

The primary causes of liver harm are:
1. Sleeping also belatedly in addition to waking upwards also belatedly are the primary cause..
2. Not urinating inwards the morning.
3. Too much eating.
4. Skipping breakfast.
5. Consuming also much medication.
6. Consuming also much preservatives , additives , nutrient coloring , in addition to artificial sweetener. 

7. Consuming unhealthy cooking oil. As much every bit possible cut down cooking crude role when frying , which includes fifty-fifty the best
Cooking oils similar olive oil. Do non swallow fried foods when you lot are tired , except if the trunk is real fit.
8. Consuming overly done foods also add together to the burden of liver. Veggies should hold upwards eaten raw or cooked 3-5 parts. Fried
Veggies should hold upwards finished inwards ane sitting , make non store.

We possess got to adopt a expert daily lifestyle in addition to eating habits. Maintaining expert eating habits is real of import for our trunk to absorb in addition to perish rid of unnecessary chemicals.


Evening nine - 11pm:
is the fourth dimension for eliminating unnecessary/ toxic chemicals (de- toxification) from the antibody arrangement (lymph nodes). This fourth dimension duration should hold upwards spent past times relaxing or listening to music. If during this fourth dimension a housewife is even in addition to therefore inwards a un relaxed country such every bit washing the dishes or monitoring children doing their homework , this volition possess got a negative deport upon on her health.

Night at 11pm - 1am:
The de-toxification procedure inwards the liver , in addition to ideally should hold upwards done inwards a deep slumber state.
Early morning time 1 - 3am
: de-toxification procedure inwards the gall , also ideally done inwards a deep slumber state.

Early morning time three - 5am:
de-toxification inwards the lungs. Therefore in that place volition sometimes hold upwards a severe coughing for coughing sufferers during this time. Since the de-toxification procedure had reached the respiratory tract , in that place is no postulate to accept coughing medicine in addition to therefore every bit non to interfere amongst toxin removal process.

Morning v - 7am:
de-toxification inwards the colon , you lot should empty your bowel.

Morning vii - 9am:
Absorption of nutrients inwards the small-scale intestine , you lot should hold upwards having breakfast at this time. Breakfast should hold upwards before , before 6:30am , for those who are sick. Breakfast before 7:30am is real beneficial to those wanting to remain fit. Those who ever skip breakfast , they should alter their habits , in addition to it is even in addition to therefore amend to eat breakfast belatedly until nine -10am rather than no repast at all. Sleeping in addition to therefore belatedly in addition to waking upwards also belatedly volition disrupt the procedure of removing unnecessary chemicals.
Midnight to 4am
is the fourth dimension when the os marrow produces blood.

Therefore , possess got a expert slumber in addition to don't slumber late.

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Nigeria's secret diet to lose weight

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Nigeria's cloak-and-dagger diet is next a salubrious diet ala inhabitants of the villages inward South Africa. This diet is prioritizing salubrious foodstuffs at the same fourth dimension amongst a salubrious means of processing.
According to query yesteryear the Medical Research Council , their diet of rural residents inward Nigeria are considered healthier than the population inward big cities. Therefore , the villagers eat to a greater extent than foods amongst a to a greater extent than consummate nutrition.

Nigeria's Secret Body
Nigeria's Secret Body

Food consumed the wild plants such every bit vegetables together with tubers such every bit potatoes , pumpkin leaves , morogo (a sort of spinach) , together with then on. How to railroad train it whatever healthier for event boiled , steamed , or baked.

What should last considered when Nigeria's cloak-and-dagger diet?

Enjoy a diversity of foods
Nigerian people actually liked the diversity of foods inward the daily menu. They are also ever looking for innovative novel salubrious nutrient ingredients. Materials to a greater extent than varied diet volition laissez passer on results to a greater extent than diverse. Besides non tedious when eaten , you lot tin also experience a lot of nutrition.

Variations saccharide source
During this fourth dimension nosotros rely also much on rice together with white rice every bit a source of carbohydrate. In fact , many other saccharide sources are ameliorate than white rice. Eg brown rice , whole grain cereals , whole grain breads , pasta , together with then on.
Replace carbohydrates inward your daily bill of fare amongst ingredients that incorporate to a greater extent than fiber. Do a diversity of chocolate-brown rice or whole grain cereal.

Nigeria's cloak-and-dagger diet to lose weight

Reduce seasoning
The nutrient bill of fare rural South Africa are non much purpose of spices. They savour the master copy flavor of nutrient inward accordance amongst boiled or steamed. Cut downward on refined saccharify , common salt , together with other seasonings such every bit soy sauce together with sweetness or sauce. It is ameliorate to supercede it amongst olive crude or vegetable oil.

Drink lots of water
This Nigeria's diet requires you lot prefer to imbibe H2O rather than other beverages. Reduce soft imbibe or java is high inward calories together with non adept for pump health

Expand the fruit together with vegetables every bit a snack
In betwixt meals , larn far a habit of eating fruits together with vegetables instead of junk snacks. Avoid heavy snack that makes you lot confine mosalnya weight fries , spud chips , together with then on. Fruits together with vegetables are rich inward vitamins together with antioxidants volition last ameliorate for your body's endurance. Consumption of fruits together with vegetables at to the lowest degree 5 times a day.
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ONLY kills cancer cells ?

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Just cutting 2-3 sparse slices of lemon inward a cup/container together with add together drinking H2O volition operate "alkaline water" , drinkable for the whole twenty-four hr current , simply yesteryear adding drinking water.

Take it every bit drinking H2O everyday is proficient for everybody.
The surprising benefits of lemon!
I stay perplexed!
Institute of Health Sciences , 819 N. L.L.C. Charles Street Baltimore , Dr. 1201.
This is the latest inward medicine , effective for cancer!
Read carefully & y'all last the judge

Lemon (Citrus) is a miraculous production to kill cancer cells. It is 10 ,000 times stronger than chemotherapy.

Why arrive at nosotros non know well-nigh that? Because in that place are laboratories interested inward making a synthetic version that volition choose them huge profits. You tin dismiss straightaway assistance a friend inward ask yesteryear letting him/her know that lemon juice is beneficial inward preventing the disease. Its gustation is pleasant together with it does non arrive at the horrific effects of chemotherapy. How many people volition choke acre this closely guarded subway is kept , then every bit non to jeopardize the beneficial multimillionaires large corporations? As y'all know , the lemon tree is known for its varieties of lemons together with limes.

You tin dismiss consume the fruit inward dissimilar ways: y'all tin dismiss consume the pulp , juice press , create drinks , sorbets , pastries , etc... It is credited alongside many virtues , but the most interesting is the consequence it produces on cysts together with tumors.

This found is a proven remedy against cancers of all types. Some say it is really useful inward all variants of cancer. It is considered also every bit an anti microbial spectrum against bacterial infections together with fungi , effective against internal parasites together with worms , it regulates blood delineate per unit of measurement area which is besides high together with an antidepressant , combats stress together with nervous disorders.

The origin of this data is fascinating: it comes from ane of the largest drug manufacturers inward the basis , says that later on to a greater extent than than 20 laboratory tests since 1970 , the extracts revealed that: It destroys the malignant cells inward 12 cancers including colon , thorax , prostate , lung together with pancreas ...

The compounds of this tree showed 10 ,000 times amend than the production Adriamycin , a drug usually used chemotherapeutic inward the basis , slowing the increment of cancer cells. And what is fifty-fifty to a greater extent than astonishing: this type of therapy alongside lemon extract exclusively destroys malignant cancer cells together with it does non impact salubrious cells.

Institute of Health Sciences , 819 N. L.L.C. Cause Street , Baltimore , MD1201

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