BOSS Smoothie

The Husband as well as I oft unnecessarily exercise acronyms for everyday random things.  We don't constantly verbalize inwards acronyms similar robots , only brand i upward because nosotros intend it's funny , piece of job it heavily for one-half an lx minutes , hence forget virtually it thereafter until nosotros intend of a novel one.  Because that's how nosotros do.  Love that man.  For representative ,

TMB: tight mama booty
SMS: hence much spit-up (thanks Ben)

And today , the BOSS Smoothie.

BOSS Smoothie (Banana-Orange-Strawberry-Soy Milk)
Time: five minutes
Servings: 1-2 servings

        ii oranges , peeled
        1 loving cup frozen strawberries
        1 frozen banana
        1 loving cup unsweetened soy or other plant-milk
        1 loving cup H2O ice cubes

1.)  Add all ingredients to a high-speed blender.
2.)  Start on depression speed as well as gradually growth to high.
3.)  Blend for 45-60 seconds on high speed.  Serve immediately.

's Notes:
I whipped upward this lilliputian yum yum earlier Kevin headed to piece of job today as well as nosotros split upward it.  Could easily hold out i large serving too.  And at nowadays , a chip of Kevin as well as Ben sense of humour to outset your weekend.

Great project Ben!

We're hence proud of you!

Here Dad , convey a beer.  You saw nothing.

Health as well as Happiness ,