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The World AIDS Day

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Pemakanan Diet Sihat Yang Betul - Although major advances inwards the medical basis , HIV / AIDS remains i of the public
health challenges of the most pregnant inwards the basis , peculiarly inwards countries of depression as well as middle income , with the degree of risk of novel diagnoses each twelvemonth as well as immature women inwards sub-Saharan Africa

World AIDS Day on Dec 1 , is used to unite people inwards the struggle against HIV , the human immunodeficiency virus was initiative of all identified inwards 1984 , to demo their back upwards for people living with HIV as well as to commemorate those who have died.

The World AIDS Day
world AIDS day
In the basis AIDS day , United Nations fellow member countries agreed inwards September , with a novel global destination to cease the AIDS epidemic inwards 2030. 
By 2015 UNAIDS , the United Nations children's means UNICEF as well as the World Health Organization (WHO) furnish facts nigh AIDS were reported yesteryear the Times of Bharat website:

1. Globally , nigh 36.9 i thou 1000 people were living with HIV , including 2.6 i thou 1000 children.

2. In 2014 an estimated ii i thou 1000 people convey been infected with HIV.

3. An estimated 1.2 i thou 1000 people died inwards 2014 as well as this twelvemonth 34 i thou 1000 people died from HIV or AIDS

The World AIDS Day


4. The publish of teen deaths from AIDS convey tripled over the concluding fifteen years.

5. AIDS is the publish i campaign of decease alongside teenagers inwards Africa as well as the minute globally.

6. In the expanse of ​​sub-Saharan Africa , the portion with the highest prevalence of HIV / AIDS. As many every bit seven out of 10 girls in that place who had been infected with the HIV virus are alongside those aged 15-19 years.

7. At the outset of 2015 , fifteen i thou 1000 people were receiving antiretroviral therapy than inwards 2001 every bit many every bit 1 i thou 1000 people

8. Although HIV testing is widely available , alone nigh 51 per centum of people with HIV are unaware that they live from the disease.

9. The global reply to HIV has been avoiding to a greater extent than than xxx i thou 1000 novel HIV infections as well as almost 8 i thou 1000 deaths since 2000.

10. In 2015 , Republic of Cuba became the initiative of all province declared to convey eliminated the transmission of HIV from woman nurture to child.
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4 Causes of Down Syndrome

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Pemakanan Diet Sihat Yang Betul - One work that is oftentimes feared yesteryear the prospective parents are abnormalities of Down Syndrome inward children. Because these disorders deport on the hereafter , fifty-fifty for the survival of children inward the hereafter volition survive real subject on his parents. Therefore , parents postulate to sympathise the causes of mental retardation inward gild to perform early on treatment.
Case of Down syndrome
Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is a disorder that occurs due to chromosomal abnormalities inward the human body. According to the scientific discipline of chromosomes inward normal circumstances sum to 46 units. Where at that topographic point are 22 chromosomes genotypes in addition to 1 duo of sexual practice chromosomes. However , in the representative of Down syndrome are disorders that motility excess chromosome duo 21. The full let out of chromosomes to 47 units. This disorder tin happen inward both men in addition to women.

This disorder has been researched in addition to discovered inward 1866 yesteryear doc John Longdon Down. Then revised 
again inward America in addition to Europe inward the 1970s who after was named according to the inventor ,
ie Down Syndrome .
The next are the characteristics that look inward a kid alongside Down's syndrome disorders :       

1.      Short stature .

2.      Head size is small.

3.      has a pug olfactory organ .

4.      Skull bones tend oval .

5.      Has a expression upward similar a mongoloid , besides known equally mongolism

300 one 1000 cases of Down Syndrome accept occurred inward Republic of Indonesia . And this let out will 
continue to rising for several years. When individual is having this syndrome , to a greater extent than oftentimes than non volition be 
accompanied yesteryear other organ abnormalities . For representative , major disorders such equally catch affliction , 
atresia gastrointestal , leukemia , in addition to thyroid.

Why the kid tin endure from Down's syndrome is because the kid has to a greater extent than chromosomes than the normal chromosomes.

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